Zippy Paws Snooziez Bunny
Zippy Paws Snooziez Bunny

Zippy Paws Snooziez Bunny

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The ZippyPaws Snooziez Bunny is soft and cuddly with a silent shhhqueaker!!!

Our dogs love the sound of squeaky toys, but us ... not always!

That’s where Snooziez with Shhhqueaker toys come in.  Now you can give your dogs the joy of squeaky toys while enjoying some peace and quiet.


  • Snooziez are the first in the Zippy Paws new line of silent dog toys
  • Features exclusive shhhqueaker for quieter play
  • Shhhqueaker noisemaker produces a high frequency squeak that only your dog can hear, eliminating the repetitive squeaking sound of traditional dog toys
  • Unlike other silent squeakers, the shhhqueaker is free of dangerous metal parts

Note: Not a chew toy!!!

Dimensions: Approx. 30cm