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My PVC is a small business, using quality Australian made PVC, to create handmade bespoke products for your family. We have a great range of pre- designed items such as dog collars and leads as well as ID collars, neck straps, curb straps and rug chest straps for horses, all of which are available in a large range of colours.

If you have something in mind you might be looking for then please get in touch and we can do our best to create something individual for you. Many of our custom items are available to see on our website to give you an idea of what we can create.

This little business was started for an amazingly simple reason, I wasn’t able to find a collar to suit my dog, Dusty’s, needs. A sensitive man, all his collars seemed to cause him to itch and rash where they sat - not to mention I couldn’t find a nice colour or fit, so I decided to make him one myself. Following the successful creation of his collar - I made similar items for the pets of my friends and family, including some lovely colour coordinated collars and leads for dogs attending weddings!

Soon after I had a request to make some collars for horses belonging to a veterinary clinic to attach ID tags to, and then to make some straps to hold a swag together whose current straps were a bit past their use by … and we have just grown and grown from there! What started as a helpful hobby has now built into a great little business allowing me to make all sorts of helpful things for people. Please get in touch if you would like to know more about any of our existing items or having a custom creation made.