Fringe Studio "The Sweet Life"
Fringe Studio

Fringe Studio "The Sweet Life"

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Indulge your furry friend with this delightful chew toy!

The Fringe Studio "The Sweet Life" tough dog toy showcases a captivating Day of the Dead inspired skull motif and boasts a robust interior built with layers of chew-resistant fabric, ensuring its lasting durability.

Enhanced stitching reinforces the toy, ensuring it remains intact even during vigorous play sessions with your pet.

Rather than traditional stuffing, this innovative toy features a unique filling-free design that incorporates a single, attention-grabbing squeaker and whimsical crinkle paper, providing your dog with an enticing array of textures and sounds that are bound to pique their interest and keep them engaged.

I'm getting this for a special fur buddy of Little Leo, whose owner is a big Day of the Dead enthusiast. I bet Leo's friend will enjoy it just as much as her owner, or maybe more!


  • Stuffing-free
  • One loud squeaker
  • Crinkle paper
  • Strong outer bindings
  • Chew-resistant interior to prevent wear and tear

Approx. 20cm x 22cm