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Kong Shakers Luvs

Kong Shakers Luvs

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Little Leo just loves his Kong Shakers Luvs Giraffe!  It was one of the first toys he had, and he carried it around with him.  Now he gets one each year for Christmas.

  • A fun multi-feature dog toy that does it all: tugging, thrashing, tossing, and fetching!
  • Great way to use up your dog’s energy and keep them active throughout the day
  • Features a long, slim body that you can shake to attract your dog’s attention and engage them

Their extended body is long on fun making it great for shaking and flopping while a low-toned squeaker sparks natural instincts and prolongs playtime.


  • Small - Giraffe - 34cm x 10cm
  • Large - Elephant - 45cm x 11cm


  • Long body, great for shaking and flopping
  • Low-toned squeaker
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